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Our Strixhaven spoilers!

Edit: This was ofcourse our april’s fools joke of 2021 🙂 / Dit was natuurlijk onze 1 april grap 🙂

Welcome everybody! We are very honored to be able to unveil some of the most special spoilers for the upcoming Strixhaven set today! Thank you Wizards of the Coast for this great opportunity!

As you all know WotC normally allows streamers, influencers and other content providers to reveal new cards. This time they also provided some spoilers to webshops like ours. There is one catch: The cards were spoiled earlyer and we get to reveal some very special versions!

What special versions you might ask yourself? Well that might require a little introduction! As you probably know WotC announced that there will be more crossovers in the future of Magic: the Gathering like they did with “The Walking Dead” and “Godzilla”. In addition to this they also partnered with some of the biggest and most premium brands of the world in order to improve our beloved game!

For a long time it was unknown how these partnerships would take effect but with these spoilers everything falls into its place! We present tou you the first cards of:

Strixhaven: The Branded Archives