Strixhaven: The Branded Archives!

Edit: This was ofcourse our april’s fools joke of 2021 🙂 / Dit was natuurlijk onze 1 april grap 🙂

For our first card Wizards of the Coast partnered with Adidas. Long known for their quality sportsgear they hope that many players will notice their famous 3 stripe design on the card “Silverquill apprentice”

Silverquill apprentice (Commercial Archive version)

Kitchen table magic is still one of the biggest ways to play the game. To cater to this crowd WotC decided to partner with the most popular beverage company in the world. We present to you our second Commercial Archives spoiler: Coca cola flavoured Professor Onyx!

Professor Onyx (Commercial Archive version)

With the summer coming up we understand the partnership for our next spoiler. The sunglasses of Ray-ban with their classic designs are perfect to give our Magic the Gathering characters new cool looks. The first lucky one to get them is Storm Kiln Artist! We really like the classic wayfarer design on this cool dwarf.

Storm-kiln Artist (Commercial Archive version)

And last but not least our final spoiler for today. We are happy to see that Wizards of the Coast continues their responsible policies in these new partnerships. We love nature and especially our feathered friends and they love us too when we give them a handfull of NutriBird birdseeds. We present to you: Kasmina, Enigma Sage in her NutriBird version!

Kasmina, Enigma Sage (Commercial Archive version)

How and where you can find these cards in your packs will be communicated by Wizards of the Coast. Please contact them if you need more info!